How to naturally freshen and soften your laundry

There’s nothing better than pulling out a cleaned batch of laundry that gives off a natural and fresh scent and is also nice and smooth and soft to the touch. It’s a far-fetched thought for the layman though, since all we get is the harsh and strong, chemically smell of your detergent, and coarse laundry that’s all frizzy and dry. You might think that the fresh and fruity scent and the velvety touch is only achievable with the help of artificial products like laundry softeners and scented detergents (which often only do more harm than good to your clothes in the long run), but don’t you fret! We’ve got some 100% natural options up our sleeves to give you the sweet smelling laundry, that’s amazing to the touch, too.

Vinegar removes the nasty odors from your clothes that make you gag, and make them squeaky-soft to the touch too.

After reading this tip, we can guarantee that vinegar will become your laundry bestie in no time. Vinegar has the natural ability to soften your clothes, as well as rid them of any unpleasant smells that’s making them stink the way they are. Another huge advantage for using vinegar while washing your clothes is that it’s also a natural disinfectant. This makes it a handy and must-have option whenever you pick out those rags that you clean your dishes with, or a toddler’s clothes that you want to be super soft — as well as free of any germs that may harm them.

Wool dryer balls will remove the static energy from your clothes (and make them super bouncy!).

Wool dryer balls are an underrated laundry drying, as well as softening, option. This is because their fancy counterparts dryer sheets are more visible in stores, leading to them being overlooked. However, these fluffy little orbs are not just great for your kitty, they’re the long lasting, all-in-one deal for your laundry needs. A dryer ball will last you for at least 1000 uses. (That’s like, just shy of three whole years, even if used on a daily basis!) Scent them up with some natural essential oils to get the faintest fresh whiff of lovely scent each time you fold up your clothes.

How to naturally freshen and soften your laundry

Essential oils: yes, you can use them to scent up your laundry too!

Essential oils are the laundry scenting deal breakers. Extremely light and soothing, these will leave your clothes smelling fresh and outstanding, while also not causing any skin irritation that other laundry scenting products do. Lavender and rose are our top picks, but feel free to use any scent that pleases you.

How to naturally freshen and soften your laundry

Make a natural laundry scent booster using just two readily available ingredients.

Like we mentioned, laundry scent boosters come in at a pricy cost, and are often harmful for your skin and can trigger allergies. We’ve got an all-natural replacement for chemical scent boosters, and all you’ll need to make it is just some Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oils. Mix these two ingredients in and store it in a jar, ready for your use during any wash!

Baking soda will remove every unpleasant odor from your laundry in just a couple of washes.

Well, let’s face it… everyone hates that nasty smell that your wet clothes give off when they’re left undried during the rainy season. If that terrible stench makes you sick, we’ve got an easy solution for you to make breathing in the same air (in which those sad wet clothes hang, yuck) bearable. Each time you pop them in for a wash, prepare a semi-thick baking soda slurry and pour it over your clothes, and toss some into the machine, too. Your clothes will come out smelling oh-so-neutral, and the stench? It’ll never be heard of again.

How to naturally freshen and soften your laundry