Keep your white sneakers spotless with these simple hacks

A pair of white sneakers are a staple piece of attire necessary to pull together so many looks on the fly, coupled with the fact that a good pair is extremely comfortable for those busy days and incredibly versatile in the way it can be paired with tops and pants. That said, keeping those new shiny white sneakers sparkly clean is quite an endeavor. Over time, sticky soles and dirty marks can ruin a pair of white sneakers quicker than it took them to be delivered and they can be relegated to the back of your closet before you’ve even had a chance to break them in. But, cleaning white sneakers doesn’t have to be a nightmare with these simple hacks!

Keep your white sneakers spotless with these simple hacks

Bleach for the win

Believe it or not, your tub of bleach could be your best friend in keeping your white sneakers in tip-top shape for years to come. Alas, this technique is somewhat tricky and requires attention to details, but it is arguably one of the best methods of keeping those kicks crisp. You’ll need to dilute your bleach, using only a five to one ratio of water to bleach is an ideal solution to cleaning your sneakers. To do the cleaning, you’ll need an old toothbrush for the best effect as it will allow you to be precise in your approach when tackling the dirty shoes. Rinse off your sneakers with warm water once you are done and let them sit overnight. You’ll wake up to a fresh pair void of any unwanted yellow stains.

Baking soda prevails

A little less drastic than the powerful bleach method, baking soda provides a safer alternative for cleaning your white sneakers that will minimize potential damage to your shoes. Your solution will consist of baking soda, hot water, and vinegar, mixing one tablespoon of each until a paste has formed. Again, you’ll need an old toothbrush to apply the paste to your shoes, gently covering the exterior using a circular motion with the brush. Once your shoes are fully covered with the paste, let them sit outside in the sun for three hours before shaking off the crusty solution and wiping them down with a warm, wet cloth.

Toothpaste may be your best bet

While the trusted toothbrush is one of the best pieces of shoe-cleaning equipment you’ll need to get the job done, toothpaste itself can be a go-to solution to whitening your sneakers. After all, toothpaste is an exceptionally versatile product used in many ways beyond simply cleaning one’s teeth. For this trick, you’ll need white toothpaste that is not a gel as the gel can be abrasive to the sneaker’s materials. Lather some paste on your brush and get to work on your kicks, lightly covering them in a thin layer of paste from toe to heel. Allow your shoes some time to sit in the paste, a few minutes or so, before using a warm, wet towel to rub off the solution. This process can be repeated for greater effect and if your shoes are not completely white by the time you are done the first round. 

Keep your white sneakers spotless with these simple hacks

These are a few unconventional methods for turning your dusty sneakers into a pair of crisp, white ones, far from any recommendations someone in your local store may provide. While they may not be fool-proof and repeated attempts are sometimes necessary for producing a flawless white sheen, they can be a great starting point for cleaning your sneakers. Furthermore, you do not have to limit yourself to one method so give them all a shot in your pursuit of keeping your white sneakers spotless.