How to dry clean at home

Dry cleaning is an essential step for cleaning all those important and delicate clothes that can’t handle regular tough wash routines in your washing machine. However, with the frequency at which important and significant events keep showing up, you might as well set up a separate budget just to spare for the dry cleaners. However, did you know that dry cleaning is way easier than it seems? And by sparing a little extra time and effort for the clothes that need it, you could be saving up on your ridiculously priced laundry costs. Here’s a foolproof method to achieving laundry-cleaned results, at home. 

STEP 1: Pick out which clothes really need to be dry cleaned first. You don’t want to waste so much effort on a garment that’s not worth it in the end!

We’re pretty sure that you know this already, but just to recap: you only need to dry clean (or in our case, use dry cleaning alternatives) for the special garments. The ones that are made out of extremely delicate fabrics and harsh washing at home is sure to knock the living daylights out of them. These include silks, wool, velvet or other such expensive clothing varieties. You also dry clean the important clothes, such as that important business suit or a pretty sequin gown that’s supposed to be worn at the party next week. Basically, if anything’s important and/or delicate, it needs the dry-clean treatment.

How to dry clean at home

STEP 2: Stain Control 101

Stain removal is a dry-cleaning must. Since the garments in question are expensive and fragile, you need to be extra careful when dealing with stains. A great way to do that is by making a thick paste of baking soda and water and applying a thick coat of it over the stain. Follow the washing steps we’ve mentioned and voila — even you won’t be able to recall where exactly that stain was.

STEP 3: Store your woolens and silks in a mesh bag- dry cleaners’ top tip!

Mesh bags are a secret tool to give your clothes the dry cleaner’s touch. They’ve gotten their status for being highly anti-abrasion, and keep your delicate woolens and silks smooth and safe.

How to dry clean at home

STEP 4: Vinegar is your best friend.

Vinegar is your best friend because it helps you achieve the dry-cleaner’s finish. Clothes will come out shiny, and your soft clothes will emit a fresh and neutral scent, with an amazing shine like never before. Vinegar is a three in one product that will give you the perfect all-in-one dry cleaner’s finish, as well as increase your clothing’s sheen and make them appear good as new. The fact that it’s extremely inexpensive and readily available is just an added bonus.

STEP 5: Airy washing with a light detergent is everything.

Lastly, the biggest requirement of dry cleaning is washing and handling the garment with absolute care and gentleness. If you’d like to replicate the same feeling at home, your safest bet would be to opt for extremely light detergents that won’t eat on your fabric and leave a heavy finish on the product.

STEP 6 : Crisp ironing to top your hard work off with a crown.

Another one of the dry cleaners’ trademarks is their crisp ironing, even of the most gentle and delicate clothes. We’d otherwise tell you to refrain from doing it at home, but certain clothing items need to be ironed before wearing them. This can help give them a careful and crisp iron and hop into them — like you’d hop into any garment that’s been professionally washed — and not feel a difference at all! 

How to dry clean at home