How you can grow your own herbs without a garden

Whether you’re confined to a lofty apartment or have limited space to curate a garden, you can still grow your own herbs to use in your culinary delights and to provide an aromatic touch to your living space. In this article, we will look at several handy ways you can easily grow your own herbs, making the best use of your space and providing you with fresh greens to throw into your meals.

How you can grow your own herbs without a garden

Pinpoint the perfect pots

Before picking out your herbs and planting your little buds, you will need to acquire a collection of pots to grow your herbs within. You can find an array of pots at your local department store and begin selecting ones that best match the style of your apartment to create a seamless aesthetic for your herb growing endeavors. It is amazing what kinds of things you can grow in pots, and once they reach a certain height, you can pot them into a bigger one and grow something new in the small one. In no time, you will have a collection of pots to curate an exceptional bunch of plants.

Picking out the best herbs

With pots in tow, you can start choosing the herbs that you want to grow. Get as creative as possible when choosing your herbs because you would ideally have a range to work with, suited to different dishes and providing different fragrances. Herbs like Basil and Mint have incredibly powerful aromas and can be used to elevate cuisine, make cocktails, and create your own scented skincare products. Herbs like Rosemary and Thyme are remarkable when used in a roast, adding delightful flavors to your dishes. Herbs like Parsley and Coriander will complete your green indoor garden by giving you some stunning garnishing options to round off a delectable dinner dish.

Sunshine is the key

With your herbs neatly potted, you can start searching for spots around your place that would be perfect for growing each green. Bear in mind that each herbs nutrient requirements are different so you will need to do a little additional research to pinpoint the perfect place, however, generally herbs are big fans of the sun. In saying so, you want to find spots in your house where the sun shines through for at least four hours, allowing your herbs to receive all the vital vitamins and nutrients that they need to grow and flourish.

How you can grow your own herbs without a garden

Life cycles of plants

Like all things, plants have a life cycle and your herbs may not live forever. That said, you can prolong the lifespan of your herbs by ensuring that they are receiving all the necessary nutrients, as well as practicing proper pruning and harvesting at the appropriate times of the year. Again, you will need to research further information regarding the pruning practices for each herb, and you may quickly jot this down in a spreadsheet for your convenience. Ideally, your herbs should thrive most of the year but there may be times where you will have to cut your losses and try again.

Creative planting techniques

If you have limited space and are struggling to find places for all your pots then consider planting vertically in your apartment. Whether you are able to purchase dedicated vertical planting boxes or want to have a go at making your own, you can save ample space by growing in a vertical direction against a wall in your kitchen.

These are some of the best practices when growing your own herbs without a garden so let your green thumb loose and may your herbs flourish!