Everything you need to know to rock the white sneaker trend

The humble white sneaker has come a long way in becoming the go-to shoe option for Instagram influencers, celebrity icons, and people across the globe looking for something simple and sleek to accompany their look with comfort factor being a prime consideration in their choice. The white sneaker is so versatile, all it takes is some basic knowledge on how to rock them and join the coveted fashion trend. In this article, we will share just how you can get the most value from your white sneaker and make these great pieces of fashion a trusted addition to your ensemble.

Everything you need to know to rock the white sneaker trend

Majestic in monochrome

The stark contrast of the white sneaker and a flashy monochrome outfit is a dazzling choice for those wishing to steal the show when they rock up to a fashion event or glamorous party. The white kicks will pop against your chosen color palette, just be sure to make use of a color that works well alongside the distinct white look. A vibrant orange, for example, may be the perfect combination to elevate your next ensemble.

White on white

If you’re a little reluctant to rock the monochrome against your flashy white kicks, then why not go with white from head to toe. What may have seemed a fashion no-no in the past has quickly become a futuristic look donned by many famous people around the world. With your entire attire crisp and clean, you will pop out against any backdrop in a look that screams of bold charisma.

White on black

For a more subdued look that makes your white sneakers shine, opt for a full black ensemble paired with your sneakers. With a black jacket, black tee-shirt, and black jeans working to make your shoes the centerpiece of your get-up, you will show off just what kind of power the simple white shoe has in the fashion world.

Not everything needs to match

Pairing a white sneaker with a white shirt is just about as much as you need to match if you wish to spruce up your look with a colorful collection of items elsewhere. Coupling the distinct white look with some deep blues, possibly pants with a rich pattern and a navy coat slung over your shoulders, you can bring a little flair and flavor to your next look.

Versatility of your silhouette

The wonderful thing about white sneakers is that they work with just about any silhouette. Whether you’re donning a culotte or midi skirt, the white sneakers will work and elevate your next outfit to suit any event or function. With comfort at the forefront of the white sneaker revelation, you will feel as good as you look in your next ensemble.

Everything you need to know to rock the white sneaker trend

Long dresses are a thing

Yes, your white sneakers will look stunning with a long, flowing dress. No longer are white sneakers dedicated for tight-wearing occasions, they can be worn with just about anything, even the most incredible and elegant dresses. White sneakers will only improve your next formal look.

Trip back in time

If you’re jumping on retro trends and filling your closet with vintage attire then be sure to pair your 60s dress with white sneakers and ankle socks. This will give that ‘I’m not trying too hard but I look fabulous’ edge that is all the rage right now!

These are just a few fun and fresh ways you can rock your white sneakers and join the fashion trend today.