How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

So many of us know what it is like to be stuck at home now, don’t we? Some of us, however, have been playing the long game… and have basically been “dating at home” for what feels like a lifetime. While it’s never best to settle into a relationship that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t reach for that middle-ground (compromise much?), it’s also completely possible to have a super-romantic date without ever leaving the house. Still need convincing? Here are the absolute best at-home date ideas that will have you and your partner pining for the next stay-in occasion.

The Indoor Picnic

How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

This may seem like a no-brainer, but how many of us have actually done this and fully committed to it? The indoor picnic is a classic; the best part being it requires absolutely zero extra planning or supplies. Floor? Check, or something is terribly wrong. Blanket? On the bed. Check. Food? In the fridge. Check. Even if you don’t feel like cooking, just grab a quilt and snacks from the pantry and pop open a bottle of wine and voila! Going the extra mile with the indoor picnic definitely pays off, though. Start by cooking a delicious meal together, or have your picnic all set up with candles and drinks ready to pour as your date enters the room.

Star-Crossed Stargazing

Don’t want to center the evening around food? Designate the next clear night as an evening of stargazing. While a telescope (or even binoculars) makes for a more intense experience, stargazing is completely possible – and utterly romantic – with the eyes you were born with. All you need are two chairs, a clear sky, and your eyes to the stars! Add a special stargazing cocktail to the mix, or a home cooked meal to enjoy beneath the skies, and you’ll really be surprised at just how fulfilling this experience can be.

Unlimited Cheese & Wine Tasting

How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

Firstly, if you think this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. There are a dozen different apps you can order both wine and cheese delivered directly to your front door – and if you’re an Amazon Prime member it’s insultingly easy. Skip turning on the television and opt for romantic or atmospheric music, then bring on the cheese! Sharp cheddars pair excellently with many wines, while gouda and brie are also popular choices. The best part is – you’re at home – and you’re in charge. Pick whatever wines and cheeses you want – or even branch out and have a whiskey and chocolate tasting instead. Why not?


How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

The best thing about paint-by-numbers is how little painting experience it requires. It’s as approachable as art gets for non-artists, and can be super cathartic for experienced painters, too. So whether you and yours are both artists or completely the opposite, fire up Amazon and get two paint-by-numbers kits delivered to your door and let the colors fly forth from your relationship!

Couples Massages

Why pay a stranger to touch your partner when you can do it yourself? But really, why? Massage is such a romantic art form in itself, and if you’ve been thinking for this entire article “well these are some rather *tame* date night ideas…” then this grand finale is for you. All you need is an open space and your best towels and a lot less clothing. On board yet? If you’re not, perhaps you’re the type that should start said couple’s massage with a couple’s bath – bubbles and candles included. If this doesn’t get your homebody partner positively steaming with spicy ideas, then we don’t know what will!

What’s your favorite stay at home date idea on this list? Are you itching to try them all with your sweet hermit right away? Whichever you choose, remember that romance is key, and the connection you and your partner share is at the heart of any date night. Communicate, laugh, share, get messy, and most importantly: enjoy.