How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

In a time where our public movements are limited, it’s rare that we are able to get out of the house. For some of us, we may not even want to. Whether it’s because of the pandemic or our general disinterest in being around people in places we are not fond of, many relationships suffer when partners are not willing to brave the outdoors. But, they don’t have to if you make a little effort to change things up at home. If you’re one for the romantics and are wishing to have a date with your partner who doesn’t want to leave the house, then you are not alone and we are here to tell you that you can make things magical from within your comfortable space. Here are a few ways to plan a romantic date with your partner that does not want to leave home.

A game night

Simple and old-school, this nostalgic little idea is a wonderful way to connect with your partner while having a fun activity to participate in together. Board games and card games are a way we can get a little closer to our partners and have some friendly competition. Even video games are an option for millennial couples who have been dying to play a co-op game together but just haven’t found the time yet. Dim the lights, light some candles, and press play to start enjoying each other’s company from underneath a blanket on the couch. 

A drive-in movie

Enjoy the outdoors without leaving your front lawn with a romantic drive-in movie experience in your garden. This romantic little date requires a little effort on your part in sourcing the projector, the perfect movie, and the snacks on which you will feast. Alas, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts with a truly nostalgic and romantic date that you will remember and recreate forever.

How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

Backyard camping

Another incredible outdoor date that doesn’t require a projector but instead a tent, which most of us already have, is a backyard camping experience. Set up your fort, grab some marshmallows, build a fire, and invite your partner onto the garden for an unforgettable night under the stars within the comfort of your own home. If you want to really set the scene, add a few fairy lights to nearby trees in the backyard for an irresistibly romantic atmosphere.

Stream a concert

You don’t have to fork out big bucks or slip into some fresh threads to get into the concert groove if you decide to stream a live concert in your living room. Set up the gig on your TV, move the furniture out of the lounge to create a dance floor, and provide copious delicacies to dine on while you dance for a romantic night out in your living room. 

Have a tasting party

Maybe routine has set in and you two are eating the same dinners week in and week out. Maybe it’s time to break that routine and try something a little different. Food is the ticket into many of our hearts, so start curating a collection of interesting tapas and treats for you and your partner to taste test in the evening. To make things even more interesting and exciting, throw in a blindfold into the mix and you have a fun game where your partner has to guess the food or beverages that they consume. 

How to plan a romantic date with your partner that never wants to leave the house

The romantic possibilities are endless if you wish to spice things up without leaving the home, and treat your partner to a night out without even having to leave!