How to make home remedies for sore muscles

Whether you’re lifting weights, running miles, or sitting in an office desk job for 8 hours straight, you’ve probably felt the pain of having muscle soreness. That burning sensation really has a terrible knack for breaking your concentration at best, and making your limbs and neck unusable at worst. It’s a bane and a rather unfavorable pain. But at least there are homemade tricks to fix these. The following are three ways to make home remedies for sore muscles.


How to make home remedies for sore muscles

A product made by our tiny flower-loving friends, honey is a great and tasty remedy for sore muscles. It’s known for having good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is so good, most ancient civilizations used it for almost anything. From sore throats to stomachaches, to the common cold… name it, and they probably used honey for that.

What’s better, you just have to eat honey to get better. You don’t need to sacrifice a lamb to the muscle gods to heal you. There are also different kinds of honey. The best one for sore muscles is Mānuka honey, which is a kind of honey commonly made in New Zealand. This one’s named like that because it’s made from the Mānuka tree.

Chamomile oil

How to make home remedies for sore muscles

Sometimes, we need a little bit more than honey to get rid of a sore muscle. Maybe you were practicing a performance when suddenly your muscles began to ache on the big day. Without enough time for the honey to kick in, you resort to oils for massaging your muscles. Now, chamomile oil is not perfect, but it’s a great and easy remedy for sore muscles. You can either buy it online or make your own with dried chamomile leaves. To make one, you will need a glass jar and some kind of oil to dilute it into. Olive oil is great, but any other kind can work.

First, you need to mix them both into the glass jar. Make sure that the flowers are all coated in olive oil. Once that’s done, leave them in a place that gets a lot of sunlight. A windowsill will do wonders. Leave them there for about two weeks, checking in every day to see if moisture has accumulated beneath the lid. You should open the lid to do that, but make sure to do it carefully or the fumes of chamomile oil might escape. Then, after about two weeks, pour the jar’s contents into another jar through a strainer. Boil it with beeswax and you’re done — you’ve got chamomile oil that’s good for massaging!

Heartleaf arnica

There’s just one hiccup with the previous one, though: it takes too much time to make. So, when you can’t wait for two weeks just to get relieved from sore muscles, you might want to find yourself some heartleaf arnica in your backyard or the woods. To make a salve out of heartleaf arnica, you just need to boil 3 tablespoons of dried arnica flowers in 1 1/2 cup of olive oil into a double boiler for 30-60 minutes at lowest heat. Check frequently to make sure that the oil doesn’t overheat. Then strain the mixture, pour into a pot, and boil with beeswax until the wax melts completely. And then, there you have it! Just let it cool before you start using it.

These are all good home remedies for sore muscles. But if the pain still hurts or you are allergic to these, then you should definitely look for a doctor. There might be something worse going on which home remedies can’t help you with.