The Hidden Cost of 24-Hour-Wear Makeup

If you’re even remotely invested in the makeup community or are subscribed to a beauty guru’s feed, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the craze that’s been buzzing around the new kids on the block: 24-hour-wear makeup products. These are enhanced versions of regular makeup products, which have certain ingredients added to them in order to prevent them from smudging, chipping and fading off for an entire day.

Basically, these makeup products are resistant to the forces of nature for the span of an impressive 24 hours. While they’re marketed as a revolutionary product, we dug in a little deeper to find out more about these miraculous products… and boy did we find some data. So before you go on raving about the 24-hour foundation formula, here are some things that you should know. It just may cost you in the long run.

They’re moisture suckers (and will potentially not only give you dry skin, but also eczema)

What sets 24-hour-wear makeup from regular makeup is obviously its formula, which is enhanced using silicone polymers, siloxanes and the occasional film-forming agents. All of these ingredients create this protective layer against the makeup for the entire day, preventing all the gradual wearing off that regular makeup is subjected to. However, these ingredients, despite being the miracle workers of the products, are hygroscopic in nature. That means that they tend to soak up the moisture from their surroundings in order to stay hydrated and give your face the makeup glow even after hours of exposing it to dust, pollution, and other environmental things. 

While this is an excellent feature for the product, we can’t say the same for your skin. Using these products for a long hours at an end are deemed to give you dry and itchy skin. Prolonged usage might result in eczema, which is a condition caused due to having excessively dry skin, and results in your skin becoming rough, inflamed and cracked.

The Hidden Cost of 24-Hour-Wear Makeup

They interfere in your skin’s natural rejuvenation process.

The ingredients used in these products form a protective coating on your face, which does indeed protect your makeup from smudging, but it holds no responsibilities towards your skin. Your skin renews and heals itself through light and natural exfoliation throughout the span of 24 hours in order to keep it glowing and also reduces wrinkling. But the protective layer of makeup disrupts this process, which results in your skin appearing extremely dull when you don’t have any makeup on, and also assists the formation of wrinkles on your skin. If you plan on using a product that lasts for 24 hours, make sure that you carefully prep your skin for the load beforehand. 

They’re simply terrible for your hair.

If you’re into using 24-hour hair products for the entire day and then going to bed without rinsing them off, well… please don’t. Products like hair serums and styling gels, which are marketed to trick you into believing that they’ll make your hair look better and avoid frizziness and tangles, are actually infamous for eating your hair up, one strand at a time. Most of these products contain alcohol, propellants, and polymers, which reduces the effect of humidity on your hair. It also sucks off the moisture from your hair and scalp too, which does set your hair in place for a long amount of time, but also makes it awfully dry. 

Regular and prolonged usage of these products on your hair will not only make your hair coarse, but will also result in hairfall, dandruff, redness and irritation on your scalp, and cause overall damage to your otherwise healthy hair. So before you spritz that hairspray all over, make sure to use it with utmost care and caution and wash it off — before it washes your own hair off!

The Hidden Cost of 24-Hour-Wear Makeup