Everything you wanted to know about Zumba

Whether you’re a gym junkie or new to the fitness game, you must have stumbled upon the term Zumba at one point or another when browsing your social feeds or talking to your friends. After all, Zumba has taken the world by storm and the training regime is regarded as one of the most entertaining and effective ways to burn calories quickly. Needless to say, implementing Zumba into your own workout scheme could do wonders in helping you achieve your flawless summer body. For those who have just heard of Zumba and those with a basic understanding of the practice, we’re here to teach you everything you wanted to know about it!

Zumba in a nutshell

Zumba is an exercise program that combines Latin Rhythmic dancing and simple body-weight fitness movements into a concise workout course that can be delightful to do. Each class consists of dance routines and interval training, switching between fast and slow rhythms to promote fat burning and improve tone. The classes are generally around 50 minutes, although you can start slow and build your way up to this with gym instructors often guiding new Zumba enthusiasts through a steady process each lesson.

Everything you wanted to know about Zumba

Can anyone Zumba?

The marvelous thing about Zumba is that it is designed for anyone of all shapes and sizes and across the age spectrum. Zumba classes are each targeted for specific experience ranges, with beginner classes tailored to those first trying out the Zumba experience. No matter how fit you are, a beginner Zumba lesson will allow you to slowly build your fitness levels until you are comfortable to move onto a more advanced Zumba lesson.

A few different ways to Zumba

Zumba is a broad brush stroke term used to describe the particular way in which this fitness program comes together. Alas, many have formulated new ways to Zumba and we will outline the key types of Zumba classes you can expect to find at your local gym or seek out through digital fitness programs.

*Zumba Toning: Placing emphasis on the arms, core, and lower body, a Zumba Toning class requires attendees to engage in extra resistance training achieved by incorporating sticks or light weights into the exercises. This type of training should promote toning in key areas of the waist and upper body.

*Zumba Gold: With an older audience in mind as well as those with limited fitness training experience, this Zumba method utilizes standard Zumba practices at a much slower pace than usual. Focusing on improving balance and coordination, this is an entry-level course that will set the foundations for your Zumba endeavors in the future.

Everything you wanted to know about Zumba

*Zumba Step: With attention placed on strengthening the legs, shaping the bum, and getting rid of calories, this high-intensity

*Zumba training is ideal for those with a background in the practice. This is a go-to calorie burning strategy for those with some fitness training experience.

*Aqua Zumba: Water babies will rejoice as Zumba is also possible in the pool! Providing natural resistance in the form of water-based exercises, Aqua Zumba aims to rapidly improve muscle tone. Furthermore, practicing Zumba in the pool minimizes injuries to the joints as a result of exercising on solid ground.

Now that you know a little more about Zumba, we would encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for the next fitness training programs available at your nearest gym and see the workouts’ marvelous benefits for yourself!