Mediterranean Diet could add years to your life

According to some researchers, taking a Mediterranean diet can help you add years to your life. For women, it can enable them to add 15 years to their lifespan if they combine it with routine workout. Men can add up to eight years to their average lifespans. This diet is rich in olive oil, fruits, healthy vegetables, fish, nuts, and whole grain. But it is low in alcohol and meat to help you prolong your lifespan. Here is what you need to know about the Mediterranean diet when it comes to adding more years to your life.

Plant-based foods is the way to go

Mediterranean Diet could add years to your life

The famous Mediterranean diet pyramid recommends plant-based foods to be the main component of your Mediterranean diet. These foods include fruits, whole grains, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. They contain essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients known to fight chronic illness while promoting optimal health. Most of them provide you with antioxidants that play a significant role in reducing damage to heart cells and blood vessels, prolonging your lifespan in the process.

A glass of wine can make a difference

Mediterranean Diet could add years to your life

A visit to the Mediterranean region will expose you to more wine than water. Red wine is celebrated in this region more than any other drink. This popular beverage contains a substance known as resveratrol which promotes good health by aiding in digestion. With a good digestion, your body is likely to absorb all essential nutrients that will help you lead a long, healthy life.

Pay attention to healthy fats

Healthy fats are part of the Mediterranean diet. They include avocado, olive oil, seeds, and needs. These foods contain predominantly unsaturated fats that are essential in promoting heart health. Unsaturated fats eaten in small amounts can reduce cholesterol in your body not to mention helping you with weight loss. As a result, you will end up enjoying a long, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Let meat be your flavorful addition

Mediterranean Diet could add years to your life

Most people in developed countries over-consume meat. Since the main part of the Mediterranean diet consists of plant-based foods, it will make more sense to add meat as your garnish. Just fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains. Let meat act as your flavorful addition. This combination will create a balanced diet that will provide you with all essential nutrients for your overall well-being. This type of Mediterranean diet will certainly help you live longer and happier than someone consuming large quantities of meat, poultry and processed foods.

Adopt the Mediterranean lifestyle

It is a good idea to know that the Mediterranean diet does not exclusively dwell on food or certain drinks alone. Instead, it goes beyond to cover a wide range of lifestyle factors tailored to promote a healthy way of living as explained in the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Staying active and sharing meals with others are two most essential ways of leading a fulfilling lifestyle. It is generally suggested by health experts that movement contributes to a number of health benefits. Some of these benefits may include weight management and lowering the risk of chronic diseases among others. Some researchers point out that eating together may lead to improved performance in key areas of life like in education, sports, and other fields of endeavor. It may also promote better communication with friends and family members. 

When you strictly follow a Mediterranean diet, you are likely to live a longer life than other people in different parts of the world. You can even make it better by leading a Mediterranean way of life which equally contributes to adding some years to your life.