Amazing things you can do and make with oatmeal

Oats have forever been a staple grain in the pantries of kitchens around the world, featuring as a hearty breakfast for those wanting to fuel up for the day. Oats have been around for so long that most people don’t even consume them anymore, looking to fancy new food alternatives to get their breakfast fix. That said, the humble oatmeal is still a marvelous ingredient that can be used in so many wonderful ways. Oatmeal doesn’t even need to be relegated to a breakfast dish. In this article, we will outline several amazing ways you can use oatmeal to get the most from the timeless grain, whether it be throwing it in delectable dishes or using it in your healthcare products.

Amazing things you can do and make with oatmeal

Brilliant strawberry oatmeal breakfast

In the name of traditional oatmeal use, we will kick off our list with breakfast. Though rather than waffling down a bland bowl of oats, why not spruce up your oatmeal by throwing in strawberries, yogurt, sesame seeds, and Matcha powder into the mix. This will take your breakfast to a whole new level while giving your oats a flavor boost worthy of your discerning palate. You’ll never want to eat an oatmeal breakfast another way after trying this sweet and savory delight.

Peanut butter oatmeal snacks

Oatmeal doesn’t just have to be a breakfast, you can use the trusty ingredient to make on-the-go snacks. Keep your eyes peeled for peanut butter oatmeal ball recipes on Pinterest (of which there are millions) that you can whip up quickly in large batches in the kitchen for a delectable treat you can enjoy any time of the day. This is a wonderful way to use oatmeal to create a healthy yet yummy treat.

Savory oats for supper

Sweet oat breakfasts have been the standard for the consumption of this glorious grain, but, did you ever think to use them for a savory dish? Well, oats may be the winning ingredient to your next hearty dinner if you combine cooked oatmeal with herbs and spices, sliced up sausages, a fried egg, and chickpeas. This wonderful dinner is just an example of how you can flex your creativity in the kitchen and curate some remarkable savory supper dishes with oats being your champion ingredient.

Amazing things you can do and make with oatmeal

Fabulous face masks

Here’s where making with oats becomes truly interesting as we now know that the grain can be an incredible addition to skincare routines. Furthermore, oats are even used in some professional beauty products you’ll find in the aisles of your local cosmetic store. Oat-infused face masks are something you can make at home for much cheaper by combining them with honey and coconut milk, for example. The concoction will work to improve your skin’s ability to absorb moisture, aiding your skincare routine in the process.

Support your body aches

Oats make for an incredible heat bag you can apply to aching muscles by stuffing them within a soft fabric and warming them up in the microwave. The oats do a wonderful job at retaining heat, meaning they make the perfect DIY heat pack on the fly that could save your sore neck or ease your stomach cramps.

Oats are no longer a breakfast dish to be forgotten but now play a pivotal role in so many areas of our lives, provided that we adopt some of these handy tricks to get the most from this great grain.