Learn how to dress like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the cost of a dress at Target

It’s uncountable how many times we’ve started singing Versace on The Floor and replaced the Versace with Target. Well, we can’t change that, so at least for now, Target’s the only “luxury” brand written on our destiny. If you’re wondering how to dress way better (like seriously, waaaay better) on a minuscule budget, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for you to dress like the royal fashion icons, our ladies Kate and Meghan, for just the cost of a Target dress.

Kate Middleton’s classic and tailored look on a budget: how do you achieve that?

Learn how to dress like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the cost of a dress at Target

Kate’s looks are extremely prim, proper and conservative, yet they couldn’t get more feminine and delicate. While the thought achieving that might make you scratch your head wondering how, we’ve done the breakdown for you!

What you’ll need in your wardrobe

If you’ve been obsessing over Meghan’s outfits for a while now, you might have noticed that she too, has a couple of wardrobe staples: the usual shirts, blouses and turtlenecks, as well as tight pants (mostly denim jeans). She prefers collars and turtlenecks, which accentuate her neck and jawline while also maintaining the classy and traditional look. Long and elegant coats are also the highlights of her outfits.

Choosing the right colors

When it comes to her outfits, Kate has a super muted color palette, so that she can mix and match her clothes with ease. Her go-to colors are usually pastels and shades, with a special highlight on maroon, olive and navy.

The accessories

Kate’s accessories are simple and elegant. Dark colored scarves and pastel handbags take the cake for us, but earrings are what give her looks the trademark Kate Touch.

Top tip: it’s all about the snatched waist for Kate

Kate’s secret is that all her outfits sport a nipped waistline to give her that soft femininity in all her looks. You can achieve that easily by nipping the waistlines of your tops and dresses, or pairing a belt with your outfits!

Meghan Markle’s chic and effortless style is also Target approved!

Learn how to dress like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the cost of a dress at Target

Megan goes for that simple and relaxed style that makes you look like an effortless fashion icon while walking on the streets. You might be thinking that you’ll need expensive brands to compensate for the lack of styling elements, but that’s not true! Meghan’s style is more intelligent than you think, and with some strategic planning, you can look like her in no time.

What you’ll need in your wardrobe

Megan’s style is always fluctuating between boyish and feminine, but it finds a balance between both. Her patterned maxi dresses are her wardrobe staples, but her outerwear is her trademark. Like Kate, she loves her long coats, but she takes them up a notch: her coats usually reach down to her calves and ankles. Her formal look usually consists of a nice pencil skirt paired with a matching shirt.

Choosing the right colors

Meghan usually settles on one color palette, and wears varying shades of the same color, giving it a little bit of her own flavor by pairing them with different textures for the fun of mixing and matching. Her favorite colors include the muted and dark greens, as well as blues, browns and maroons.

The Accessories

Meghan goes really simple on the accessories. Since she pulls off the effortless look, a pastel handbag, hat and some mixing around will help you pull off her look with ease!

Top tip: Meghan’s hairstyle is the key to her look

Megan ties her hair to give her style the effortless touch. Pop up that hair tie to stay in style, as well as make the outfit functional and neat.