How to pick the perfect lipstick for your skin complexion

Lipsticks give a final touch-up to your makeup. Your makeup is never complete minus a lipstick. But with a wide variety of lipsticks in the market in different tones and finishes, finding lipsticks that compliments your undertone can be overwhelming. A wrong lipstick shade can destroy your whole look. It’s therefore important to pick out a color that fits you. The following are tips on how to best choose a lip color that compliments your unique skin tone.

 Know your skin tone

The first step you should take in choosing the ideal lipstick color is to know the type of skin tone you have. There are three categories that most people tend to fall under: cool, warm, and neutral. People with warm undertones naturally have yellow, golden, or peachy tones, while those of you with cool undertones have red, pink, or bluish tones. People with neutral undertones have a mixture of both the cool and warm colors.

Warm undertones

Your undertone is warm tone if you have a golden, yellow, or olive cast to your skin and your hair color is strawberry blonde, brown, or red. Another way of checking whether you have a warm tone is to look at your wrist when there’s sunlight. If your wrist veins look green, then you have a warm skin tone. You’re also warm skin if tan easily, gold jewelry matches your skin, and when you have hazel, brown, or amber eye color.

The best colors of lipstick for warm undertones are lip colors with a warm cast to them. This means looking for brick reds, terra-cotta, browns, and orangey-red that will enhance your skin. Going for nudes? Ladies with warm undertones should not use lip colors with lots of purple or pink, as they only look great for cool skin tone. They should instead go brown shades for a more natural look. You should also match your skin tone with the lipstick shade for a perfect nude outcome.

Gold’s and coppers are the best bet for bold colors while oranges and fiery reds look beautiful on warm undertones. A bright fuchsia also matches for warm undertones. Celebrities with warm undertones are Beyoncé, Shay Mitchell, and Hailey Beiber.

How to pick the perfect lipstick for your skin complexion

Cool undertones

If you see hints of pink, blue or red then you have cool undertones. You can check to see if your undertone is cool if your veins underneath your wrist have purple or blue hues. You also look better in silver jewelry as opposed to warm gold and you have a tendency of wearing blues, whites, and grays. Additionally, people with cool undertones have grey, blue or green eyes, and brown, blond, or black hair.

The ideal lipsticks for cool skin tones are ones with purple or blue shaded undertones because they also have cool pink or blue undertones. A trick for nude lipstick is to always go for the one that is a little darker and brighter than your skin tone.

How to pick the perfect lipstick for your skin complexion

Choose lip colors with purple or blue undertones. A moody wine shade flatters cool undertones and boosts hydrating formulary as an added bonus. Celebrities with cool undertones are Amanda Seyfried, Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Hudson

Neutral undertones

If you happen to have a combination of both warm and cool colors, your skin tone is neutral. You also have a neutral skin tone when the veins on your wrist look blue and green, rarely burn and tan slowly, and both gold and silver jewelry complements your skin tone. Moreover, you are lucky to have this type of undertone since a wide range of colors are flattering to your skin. For deeper skin, try berry colors. For medium-toned skin use mauve shades, and reach for pink hues for fair skin.

Neutral skin tones look good with almost all shades from deep wine to light nudes. Celebrities with neutral undertones are Adriana Lima, Kerry Washington, Jourdan Dunn.

Final thoughts

Finding your ideal lip color can take some time. You’ll make a number of trial and errors. But in the end, you will get your signature lipstick. With the guide of the above points, you’ll get better at choosing the ideal color of lipstick for your own skin complexion!