Make your hair look fuller with these handy hairstyle hacks

Thin hair can be incredible; it’s quick to dry, you don’t need to spend a fortune on hair products, and styling takes only a few minutes. Alas, so many wish that they had a voluminous look and spend their hard-earned money acquiring voluptuous hair in the pursuit of a fuller visage. But, you don’t have to work away just to pay for hair products and achieve a fuller head of hair with these trusted hairstyle hacks. While they may not all work for you, there is bound to be a simple trick to give your hair a fuller look in this article.

Never give up on your blow dryer

While air-drying is quick and easy, you may wish to skip the efficiency for your hairdryer if you wish to achieve a fuller looking hairstyle. Using a myriad of techniques you can find on Pinterest, you may work your hair with the dryer and give it that fuller look with a little bit of time and effort. Using the hairdryer will bring some bounce back to your hairstyle, allowing you to shape your look easier and into more voluminous styles.

Make your hair look fuller with these handy hairstyle hacks

Tease your hair

Beyond blow drying, it’s a great idea to tease your hair for that fuller look. This is an extra step that will act similarly to the old-school hair roller, lifting your roots and adding bounce to the total look in the process. 

Change your part

A part of the problem is the way your natural parting falls, tending to set into a standard look you will be well familiar with. Well, one easy way to create a fuller look is by shifting your part to the other side. Resting in an unnatural position, your hair will appear more voluminous and elegant, while showcasing a completely new look you may have yet to attempt. Flip your hair to the side and let the volume show!

The double pony 

Another simple trick that won’t require you to break the bank is adding the double pony to your hairstyle collection. The general thought for those with thin hair is that ponies simply won’t work, however, this is furthest from the truth when you implement this handy technique. A double pony will make your hair look thicker and fuller, achieving optimal volume without having to fork out big bucks. 

Give your hair a chop

Sometimes, in order to achieve maximum volume, it’s best to start at the very beginning and give your hair a fresh cut. You don’t have to remove the whole lot, all it takes is chopping off about two inches from the ends and you will get rid of extra hair that would otherwise be weighing down your look and making it look thinner. Your stylist will provide some additional ideas on how to add layers to improve volume and develop a hairstyle that looks most flattering for you. 

Make your hair look fuller with these handy hairstyle hacks

Creating some waves

The final hairstyle hack on our list is a go-to for those with thin hair as a little effort here goes a long way. Try embracing wavy hair or curling your hair to provide additional volume to your look, a trick that will give you a beautiful bounce for your next event or function. 

While there are loads more techniques to making our hair look fuller, these are some of the best techniques to get you started with achieving your ideal volume. Furthermore, employing these techniques will help you save money on expensive products in the process.