Grace Kelly’s granddaughter has created her own fashion label

Anyone with even the slightest interest in fashion and acting will have heard of Grace Kelly, an iconic celebrity and Hollywood legend who became the Princess of Monaco, a fashion city of the world. Grace Kelly will forever be remembered for her lavish royalty and admirable style, two things that made her such an influential member of the early years of Hollywood and the fashion industry. But, Grace Kelly’s influence has not just impacted the lives of fans across the globe. The princess of fashion’s family appears to be following suit and furthering the Kelly fashion dynasty with her granddaughter launching her very own fashion label called Alter.

Monaco’s Royal Family

The House of Grimaldi is Monaco’s Royal Family, a dynasty originating centuries ago in the French sovereign city-state. This royal family has been a major influencer and part of the larger fashion world and this is arguably thanks to the impact that Grace Kelly had. Upon deciding that she would leave Hollywood behind and pursue other interests, as well as being courted to the House of Grimaldi as the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly made it her mission to imprint her legacy in the world of fashion. It was at this time that Grace Kelly and her daughter Stephanie, showed the world that royal fashion can be so much more. The two of them proved to Monaco and the larger fashion scene that even the richest and most elegant figures could make statements in cut out mini dresses and elaborate jewelry. Grace Kelly’s influence would forever change the fashion landscape and the visions of those who would follow.

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter has created her own fashion label

Introducing Pauline Ducruet

Pauline Ducruet, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter and daughter of Princess Stephanie, is both a royal member and 16th in line to the Monegasque throne as well as a fashion designer. Taking after her grandmother and mother, Pauline states that she was “always pushed me to express myself and be myself” by her influential family. It was in the Monaco Royal Family where she would inherit elaborate pieces of fashion and slip into decadent garments passed down to her by her grandmother, developing a deep appreciation for the fashion industry and the work that Grace Kelly did within this field. Her love of fashion would lead her to the United States, where she studied at the acclaimed Parsons School of Design in New York.

The dawn of something new

Grace Kelly’s remarkable work inspired Pauline to pursue her own interests in fashion and encouraged her to make brave and bold steps in the fashion world during her time spent in the States. Pauline’s primary goal was to eventually create her own fashion label and after years of hard work and dedication, she has finally delivered the goods. Pauline’s very own label is dubbed Alter and the brand is driven by values of sustainability, minimalism, and gender fluidity. Most of her impressive and vast collections are crafted from upcycled fabrics, creating something completely new and fresh from remnants of the past. The designs are sleek, elegant, and gender fluid, emphasizing her company’s mission and the range includes dazzling trench coats, oversized sweaters, and a myriad of other statement pieces.

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter has created her own fashion label

It is safe to say that all these years later, Grace Kelly’s incredible legacy can still be felt in the designs of new, enthusiastic fashionistas as well as in the work of her exceptionally gifted granddaughter.