Happy Birthday to Me


I am going to keep this short because today is my birthday. Today I got to do something most moms never get to do… NOTHING! I got to sleep-in and when I finally decided to get out of bed, I enjoyed my cup of coffee in peace and quiet. I sat on the couch and caught up on my favorite shows without interruption. I took a long shower and used all the hot water. I shaved my legs, which honestly, was way overdue. I got dressed, put on make-up and did my hair without having to rush out the door.

This may not seem like much to most people but if you’re a mom, you understand. I recommend this to all moms out there, it not only gives you a moment to breathe and recharge your batteries; it helps put things in perspective. At the end of the day when it was time to pick up my kids from school, I couldn’t wait to see them and give them a big hug. It gave me a new appreciation for everything that I have and helped me to see how blessed I am. Happy Birthday to me… best present ever!

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