Saving Mommy Money


I am always looking for ways to save money. I try to put aside the money we save to do fun vacations with the kids. Here is a few things that I do to save some cash…

CLIP COUPONS. I would not consider myself an EXTREME couponer but I like to combine the coupons with sales or deals and stock up. These days they make couponing so easy, you don’t need to buy a newspaper anymore. You can get digital coupons right on your phone or you can print them right off your computer. I love to use because they pull all the coupons from different websites and put them in one place. So it makes it really easy to find the specific item you are looking for. The best thing to do is match a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and get double the savings. For example, I was buying the Gerber Organic Baby Food pouches. Publix was running a sale for 8 pouches for $10. I found a Publix coupon for Buy 3 Get 1 free and had a coupon for $1 off six pouches. If you do the math, after my coupons, the pouches were only .81 cents each.

REBATE APPS. These apps save you money after you buy groceries. There is two apps that I like to use is Ibotta and Checkout51. I am sure there are other rebate apps out there but I have found that these are the easiest to use. After you shop, just open the app and select the items that you just purchased. Scan the item’s bar code and then take a picture of your receipt. Just like that money will be added to your account. You have to have $20 to cash out. They will send you a check or you can choose gift cards. Most of the time they offer bonuses on items, so you will earn $20 sooner than you think. Also if you use my referral code pyqubba you will get a $10 bonus! It only takes a few seconds, I like to do it while I am putting my groceries away. Why not save money on items your already buying?

REWARDS CREDIT CARDS. This can be a tricky one because you don’t want to put yourself in debit. The only time I recommend that you look into rewards credit cards is if you are already planning to make a large purchase and you have the cash to back it up. For example when my husband and I get our tax return, we always do big home improvement projects. One time we wanted to re-rock our driveway and we knew it was going to cost around $3,000. After shopping around, I signed up for a Marriott Rewards Credit Card. We charged the rock on the credit card, then paid it off right away. Doing that we earned 80,000 bonus points, which gave us more than 5 nights free at a hotel for our vacation.

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