Week 7 & 8 Weigh-In


In my last Weigh-In post, I said that I needed to start working out more. Well to be brutally honest that didn’t really happen in Week 7 but in Week 8 we decided to paint the outside of our house. That counts as a workout right? It sure felt like a workout. The day after I could feel muscles I haven’t felt in a very long time. Even though it took me a few days to recover, I felt really good. It has really encouraged me to get more active.

This week was the first week that people have started to notice my weight loss. There is no better feeling than someone saying to you, “You look good, have you lost weight?” It took 8 weeks and 12.5 lbs for the people around me to notice. So even when you feel like giving up because you feel like it’s not making a difference, just stick with it, it takes time. It’s a slow process.

My Week 7 Weigh-In results were not good, only .5 lbs lost and I was starting to feel discouraged. I just kept doing what I needed to do, hoping that it would pay off in the end. My Week 8 results were much better and has renewed my faith in the process. I lost 2 lbs in Week 8. That puts my total weight loss at 15 lbs in 8 weeks!

Another WIN this week is that my current weight is now 179, so I am officially in the 170’s! I still have about 25 lbs to lose to reach my goal but I feel confident that I can eventually get there.

4 thoughts on “Week 7 & 8 Weigh-In

  1. This is AMZING!!! I did start like I mentioned last time and lost about 4 pounds in about a week and a half. Mostly water weight I’m guessing. I’m hoping that keeping up clean eating will do the trick, but I know eventually I will need to start working out. Once this baby starts sleep I will start. lol

    You are doing incredible. Thank you for sharing your progress.

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  2. Congratulations! You are doing wonderfully with your weight loss. Don’t ever get discouraged by the number on the scale it is only a number. If you feel better physically and emotionally then you are doing something right. Besides no matter how small a loss is still a loss. Keep up the good work :D.


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