The other day I was in the restroom with my six year old and I walked out of the bathroom stall to see him waving his arms around like a crazy person. I said what are you doing? He said I am trying to get the paper towels to come out. Except this paper towel dispenser was not motion censored and you had to pull the lever on the side to get the paper towels to come out. At that moment it dawned on me that motion censored paper towels dispensers and even motion censored sinks was all he really knew. It was a normal mainstream thing to him and he probably thought the manual paper towel dispenser was an antique.

It really got me thinking about all the different things that are normal to my children, which I never dreamed of as a child. For example cell phones are a completely normal thing these days, if you don’t have a cell phone you are consider weird or outcast. People feel like they are lost without their cell phones, it’s an extension of them and it never leaves their sight. I don’t remember when I got my first cell phone but I remember my first beeper. Yes, I said beeper. They were the coolest thing when we were young with all the different color cases. We didn’t have text messages but we had beeper codes. You know the codes that were numbers but looked like letters and spelled something out, like 6000*843 for GOOD BYE and 1*177155*400 for I MISS YOU.

There are many other things that are so different now. Like computers, they have come a long way since I was young but do you remember Encyclopedias? When I was a kid and I needed help with my homework, I could not just Google the answer, I would look it up in the Encyclopedias. Now they have Ipod’s and MP3’s but when I was a kid we had Walkman’s and cassette tapes. If you were really cool you had a Discman. What things did you love as a kid, that is obsolete now? The more I think about how different the world is now, I more I start to feel like an antique.

4 thoughts on “Antiques

  1. I don’t know about loving them but VHS tapes were pretty huge for a while. My parents had a big cabinet stereo with a record player, radio and I think 8 track player. Actually, speaking of 8 tracks, our house had an intercom system (also obsolete I think) and down in the kitchen was a radio/8 track player so you could play mono music through the whole house.

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  2. I’m just 22 but I still think about this all the time. Especially when my 10 month old wants to play with my phone or laptop. I remember when I was 10ish and wanted an electronic personal planner. I got it for my birthday and I’d run around typing in these fake appointments and I thought I was so cool 😂. Or when my parents got us the original gameboys. They were giant grey bricks with no backlight and game inserts about half the size of a floppy disk 😂. I spent my days playing with stuffed animals, roaming the woods, swimming in the lake… and although I want my son to have the best and know how to operate technology, I am determined to preserve the imagination and wonder in him that I experienced as a child outside of this electronic world.

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    1. I think though that kids get to play a lot of electronic games and don’t have much imagination when it comes to playing outside or with others. They sometimes lack in social skills and become obese from lack of exercise (play).


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