Week 2 Weigh-In

weight-loss-scale-clipart-5-things-the-scale-won-t-tell-dkfa60-clipartThis has not been a good week. My week started with my baby girl getting a double ear infection. Then right before my husband leaves for a week-long fishing trip, my 6 year old gets the stomach flu. This ultimately turns into my 10 year old getting the stomach flu and hopefully ends with me getting the stomach flu. So not only have I spent my week fighting back the urge to puke, I have also been cleaning up puke. I did not know so much fluid could come out of such a small body. Not to mention the hours trying to clean the horrible smells that seem to have embedding into the walls. My husband picked a perfect week to be away.

In Weight Watchers land, I started out the week really hungry. The plan just didn’t seem to be satisfying me like before. I don’t know if maybe my body was just adjusting to the change in my eating habits but I was hungry all the time. Then the stomach plaque hit my house and I can’t even look at food. I knew I had to eat or it would make me feel worse, so I stuck to bland foods this week but they weren’t always the healthiest. I know you’re probably thinking the sickness helped my weight loss this week but with the help of Pepto-Bismol, I never actually threw up. I guess it could have hindered my weight loss too because I was no mood to exercise or even move at all.

So the results of my weigh-in this week is…. 188 pounds!!

That is a loss of 2.5 pounds this week. My total weight loss after two weeks on Weight Watchers is 6 pounds. I finally made it to the 180’s and I am very happy with the results so far. For the most part I think the sickness has left the building and my husband comes home in two days. I am ready to return to normal life and maybe find time to start working out.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 Weigh-In

  1. You poor thing! I hope the germs stay away for a long time! My husband travels frequently for work as well and it always seems like that’s when everything happens. Usually it’s me who gets sick – once it was my mother who needed bypass surgery. Thankfully, he cut that trip short to come home! Hang in there – with the germs and the Weight Watchers. I did the program myself years ago and it is an adjustment. But it’s worth it if it makes you feel healthier!

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  2. Thats some brilliant results after only two weeks! Especially when dealing with poorly children. Hope you are all better. I’m struggling with getting healthy again after having a baby it’s always a comfort to see I’m not the only mum that doesn’t find it easy xxx

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