Cartoon Conundrum


I love the Saturdays mornings in my house. It’s usually a relaxing morning, we are not in hurry to go anywhere or rush out the door. If I am lucky my husband lets me sleep in because I am not a morning person but he is. When I wake up my kids are usually still in their pajamas, watching cartoons on the couch. I usually make a cup of coffee and join them.

Sometimes I have a hard time watching cartoons with my kids. My brain try’s to rationalize all the details of the storyline and I begin to over analyze them. For example Paw Patrol is a popular cartoon that my kids like to watch. As I am watching this cartoon, all I can think is, where is Ryder’s parents? Does he live in the Look-Out Tower with the pups? Why can the dogs talk and not any other animals, like Cali the cat or Chickaletta the chicken?

Another example is Doc McStuffins. This is what I think when I watch this show: When Doc is playing in the backyard with her toys, does no one ever look out the window to check on her? How do they not see a bunch of toys walking around the backyard? Do her toys really come to life or is it supposed to a representation of her imagination?

The worst one is PJ Masks, this show is a complete mystery to me. The kids fight crime a night but when do they sleep? How do they function during the day with no sleep? Do their parents not see them climb out there window every night? Do their parents ever check on them?

I know that these cartons are not meant to be complex but maybe they should think about having one episode that explains the background story. Like maybe Ryder in Paw Patrol is 18 years old and he moved out of his parents’ house to live with the talking dogs. Maybe Doc McStuffins is in a coma and is dreaming about her stuffed animals coming to life. Maybe the PJ Masks only fight crime from 10pm to 12pm and still get 8 hours of sleep. Just something for the cartoon makers to think about.

3 thoughts on “Cartoon Conundrum

  1. LOL. I love your mental commentary on these cartoons. . . .especially because it happens in my house too. These are some of my 4-year-old’s favorite cartoons as well and I too have been extremely perplexed by PJ Masks. I certainly couldn’t fight crime at night and then function during the day if I didn’t sleep!
    Then I think about some of the older stuff I watched as a kid on Saturday morning – like the Road Runner. How does he survive getting steam rolled and blown up so many times?
    I think we just need to dial our brains back a few (ok, a LOT) of years to a time when things like parenting, checking on your kids, and all that adult stuff wasn’t on our radar. Makes it much easier to overlook those gaping holes in the plot lines.
    And having Doc in a coma – *laughs* – I hope that’s an episode just for parents!

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