Week 1 Weigh-In


I know it is cliché to write about losing weight after New Year’s but I have decided to do something for myself and join Weight Watchers. This is not a plug for Weight Watchers and I am not trying to make money from this, I just want to share my journey with you. Ever since I had my daughter seven months ago, it seems I have been stuck at 194 pounds. Yes, I just shared my weight with the public and it was not easy.

I have always struggled with my weight and I have always been a little chubby. I have accepted that my body type is not meant to be “skinny” but I know that my body is usually happiest around 155 pounds. So I have set 155 pounds as my goal weight. Even though that may still be considered over weight to some people, that is the weight that I feel healthy and good about myself.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls that has a baby and then bounces right back to their pre-pregnancy weight. So when I gained about 40 pounds during my pregnancy, it just stuck to me like glue. Everyone said, “Oh, breastfeeding will make the weight just fall off.” NOPE, not for me. I breast feed my daughter for six months and didn’t lose any weight. It gets harder and harder to lose weight with each pregnancy and with each year I get older.

For those of you who don’t know, Weight Watcher’s works on a point system. So each food item is given a point value and you are allowed a certain amount of points per day. I am allowed 30 points a day based on my age, height, current weight and my goals. You also get 42 weekly points that you can use whenever you want to cheat a little. I started Weight Watchers a week ago and my first week has been good, I haven’t felt hungry or deprived, YET.

My week 1 weigh-in was yesterday, drum roll please…..  I lost 3.5 pounds. To be honest that is mostly from diet, I did very little working out. So that puts my current weight at 190.5 pounds. I am happy with that loss but I have to say I was a little bummed because I really wanted to get out of the 190’s. Hopefully next week I will see the 180’s on the scale.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Weigh-In

  1. There is so much transparency and bravery in this post. I, too, and sick of the postpartum fats but have yet to find the energy to do more than FitBit and slight diet adjustments. I have had a lot of success with BeachBody programs and plan on starting back up when all of my stuff comes in the mail.

    Keep it up, mama.

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  2. Congrats. That’s AWESOME. I am a grandma now BUT when I had my kids I gained exactly 26 lbs each. And didn’t have a weight problems until much later. As for 190, I would be over the moon happy. I LOVE WW’s and have done quite well as long as I stuck to the program. I still use some of the same things I learned from WWs. Next week is my 56th birthday.. And I am either buying myself a WW membership or a a gym membership. 🙂 Anyway, I will visit AGAIN soon. 🙂 And congrats AGAIN! Keep up the good work!

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