Merry Un-Christmas and Happy New Year


We had a joyous Christmas this year but I am not ashamed to say I am glad it is over. As a parent, Christmas time can be stressful and put a lot of pressure on you. Starting with decorating the house, endless holiday school events and parties, buying gifts for your kids and everyone else, Christmas cards and wrapping, not to mention the financial burden. Even remembering to move the Elf on the Shelf every night. It’s enough to make you go crazy and every year I come a little closer to having a nervous breakdown. Now it’s over and we have packed everything away. My house can return to its normal state and I don’t have to sweep pine needles off the floor every day.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. The New Year always feels like a fresh start, a clean slate. There is excitement in the air, not knowing what new adventures this year will bring. We had a lot of ups and downs in 2016. My sweet baby girl was born, my husband graduated with his bachelor’s degree and started a new career path. We also had a lot hospital visits and surgeries. Every year it seems like my New Year resolutions are the same, lose weight and take more time for myself. The fact that I have to make those same resolutions every year, just shows you how well I am able to keep them.

My New Year’s Eve always starts with my family and I planning this amazing night, staying up late, playing games, watching the ball drop and counting down to midnight, when we all kiss and hug each other and  toast to the new year with our fake grape champagne. What really happens is they all fall asleep, I watch the ball drop by myself, drinking a glass of wine and imagining I am in Times Square with Ryan Seacrest. I count down to midnight and wake my husband up just long enough for him to give me a kiss and go back to sleep. Someone once told me that the way you bring in the New Year, is an indication of how your year will go. If that the case, my year will not be glamorous or exciting but at least it will be peacefully quiet.

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